Check Out Some Of Our Latest Epoxy Stone Flooring Projects

We carry the right decorative flooring stones and epoxy products to both create and maintain the exact stone look and feel you have in mind to cover up that ugly concrete floor. Pebblestone Flooring is great for all Commercial & Residential applications such as: Stone Lobbies, Stone Showrooms, Stone Patio's, Stone Garage's, Stone Walkways, Stone Entrance ways and Much More!

In addition to the flooring stone colors above, we can blend two stone flooring colors together to make a virtually endless choice of flooring stone colors. We also have colored flooring glass in all shades for use in accenting your floor with logos or stone designs!

NOTE: There may be some color or shading variations between the colors shown on the monitor or in physical samples and the actual colors installed.

*For Indoor and Outdoor Use. Prices may vary for different stones, epoxy, stone kits & more.

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* Our stone products are industrial grade solutions designed to be used by professional installers. DIY Customers have more success installing our products, however we always recommend hiring a professional installer you feel any hesitation.